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My experience with print includes 50+ projects for the National Academies, tons of publications, fliers, business stationery and much more.

In the future I’d love to do editorial illustration work for more opinionated topics. Because I’ve primarily worked with non-biased scientific subject matter, I’ve left countless powerful, punchy messages and designs on the cutting room floor.

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National Academies
National Academies

Translating complex, scientific concepts into visual communication.

I’ve worked as a creative director on a stunning number of book covers for the National Academies. The following were illustrated by either Nikko Maharaj, Collin Brill, Casey Weeks, Mark Usmiani, or Ryan Bache. Through deep collaboration, it’s hard to say where one’s ideas began and the other’s ended.


Selected print design.

Work ranging from chapter templates to pitch decks to full branding, publications and more. More work will be added here as I am able to unearth the harddrives in storage.