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Jonathan Casey Weeks

Driven to greatness by the fear he'll never amount to anything and a passion for saving enough money to survive climate change 🍃, Casey has peddled his craft as a full time freelancer since 2010.

He plies interaction design by day and, since 2012, designs his own games by night.


Others have described his abilities as “pretty good” and “Casey? Hmm… yeah!” with a subtle nod of approval as they count their millions earned from his services. At least, that’s what he imagines.


Casey’s desire is to create experiences that help people appreciate life… or at least forget it for a while.


And to design an interactive museum exhibit.


And to be remembered.


Well, that’s me – how about yourself?



PS: Multiple people have read the above and commented that while they liked it, they worry other people won’t. And that the text is too big.